Angelo Frontoni: the Mediterranean. Bathing beauties
Curated by: Sergio Toffetti

The photographs immortalize divas in bathing suits, images of great allure thanks to the seductive play of light and shadows that consecrated Angelo Frontoni as one of the best portrait photographers, a master at valorizing the allure and beauty of ...


Angelo Frontoni: the Mediterranean. Capri 1963: "Contempt"
Curated by: Sergio Toffetti

Photos taken in Capri during the shooting of Il disprezzo (Contempt) (Jean Luc-Godard, 1963).


Angelo Frontoni: on the set

Black and white photographs illustrating fifty years of Italian cinema, from the privileged vantage point of his camera lens. Extraordinary set photos that reveal a different Frontoni, far from the glossy and glamorous style that made him famous.


Differently alive. Zombies, vampires, mummies, ghosts
Curated by: Peppino Ortoleva

The exhibit curated by Peppino Ortoleva guides us into a journey in the company of an enduring mythology and its protagonists.


Ecce Homo. The image of Jesus in the history of cinema
Curated by: Silvio Alovisio, Nicoletta Pacini, Tamara Sillo

Through a careful selection of photographs and posters, the exhibition offers the opportunity to take an in-depth look at the iconographic variants which have characterised the figure of Christ in the history of film.


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