It’s possible to organize exclusive visits, combined with cocktails or dinner buffet at the Cabiria Cafè and also with the rise by Panoramic Lift, reaching the panoramic terrace from where you can profit of the extraordinary view over the city and the amphitheater of the Alps.
Next to Cabiria Cafè, the Museumstore offers a wide range of publications and DVDs, as well as exclusive merchandise featuring unique products displaying images coming from the museum’s collections. Exclusive visits can be organized at closing time: on Monday during the entire day and from Tuesday to Sunday after 8.00 p.m., except Saturday since Museum is opened to the public until 11.00 p.m.

Museum itineraries
Surrounded by scenographic settings, projections and games of light, all enhanced by photographs, sketches, and objects, the Museum itineraries create a spectacular presentation, revealing the secrets hidden behind the movie and the steps preceding the screening of the film.

The Archeology of Cinema
The tour illustrates the history of the shows and the innovations that have marked the fundamental stages of the birth of cinema: shadow theatres, optics, optical boxes, stereoscopes, magic lanterns, the reproduction of movement, chronophotography and cinematography.
The Archeology of Cinema: optics
This itinerary lets visitors experiment with and discover the phenomenon of the propagation of light, the laws of dioptrics and catoptrics; the physiological process of sight is explained, starting with the camera obscura.
The Movie Factory
This visit retraces the steps involved in making a film. Through famous sequences, production documents, set props, photographs and sketches, visitors discover everything that precedes the finished product and all the gears and cogs of a "movie factory".
Temple Hall
The heart of the Museum, the spectacular Temple Hall is surrounded by thirteen "chapels" dedicated to the cult of cinema, with fascinating sets illustrating some of the major themes of the seventh art: Animated Films, Cinema of the Absurd, Horror and Fantasy, Mirrors, Westerns, Musicals, Science Fiction, True and False, Experimental Cinema, Love and Death, Big Bang, Cabiria, Torino the City of Cinema.
Poster Gallery
This itinerary presents the most important films and directors in film history through posters, as it illustrates the evolution of figurative trends in graphics and advertising poster art.

The Mole Antonelliana
This guided tour teaches about the historical building which hosts the Museum: Antonelli, the history of the project, the construction of the building and its successive conservation and restoration. The visit begins in the exhibition area of the Mole Antonelliana, which also features a tactile itinerary for the sight impaired.

Temporary Exhibitions
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